Two weeks ago we received the first shipment of cut flowers and greens from German growers Gärtnerei Hans-Peter Horten, a traditional grower with the worldwide recognised German quality standards.

Hans-Peter Horten is different. He sells his flower per bunch, not per stem. This may be confusing, but when you have tried his products you will be convinced that this is no burden at all. Selling per bunch is already quite common in Germany.

Hans-Peter Horten
From left to right: owner Hans-Peter Horten and his colleague Jürgen Wetzels


The assortment is quite broad: Achillea, Alchemilla, Campanula, Dianthus varieties and even various foliages. This assortment will be extended to about twenty varieties in the forthcoming period. All flowers and leaves are supplied on V566 auction buckets.

Hans-Peter Horten
From left to right: Alchemilla Moonshine | Antirrhinum Mix in Bucket

Hans-Peter Horten
From left to right: Dianthus Barbatus Mix per Bunch | Bergenia Cordifolia Leaf


Hans-Peter Horten is a very conscious grower. Settled since 1980 in Krefeld-Traar, at a stone’s throw from Germany’s heavy industry region Ruhr-Gebiet, grower Horten claims environmental friendly cultivation. His produce grows naturally under the open skies and with the sole power of nature. And Hans-Peter is proud of that, meaningfully stating: “It is my land, but our planet.”


Now you want to know how to get these special flowers? It’s easy. OZ Export opened a special section of its webshop for these bunched products. Check the DE-list. Click the DE-button or ask your vendor at OZ Export for assistance.

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