Flower Export by OZ Export – More than Calla – VisCalla – Presentation

‘More than Calla’ a unique Calla [botanic name: Zantedeschia] concept by VisCalla. Designed for you and your customers. The products within this collection are selected by size and are very exclusive. ‘More than Calla’ offers you special moments, moments of happiness!

On Wednesday 20 April grower John Vis and FloraHolland’s Edwin Erwich came to present the More than Calla concept to the entire sales staff of OZ Export. To emphasize the power of this high end brand they brought along some inspiring pieces of art made with top notch Calla’s. The message was clear: More than Calla is… More than Calla!

Flower Export by OZ Export – More than Calla – VisCalla – Edwin Erwich

Edwin Erwich presenting ‘More than Calla’

Edwin Erwich presenting ‘More than Calla’

Calla stands for happiness. Back in the old days the Calla was related to celebrations and having fun. Since then, this particular flower is considered ‘luck catcher’ or ‘good luck’.

Flower Export by OZ Export - More than Calla - VisCalla

Take a look backstage in the greenhouse.


Why should you buy these flowers? Why are they so special?
• VisCalla is one of the best Calla growers
• More than Calla represent the highest segment of flowers at VisCalla
• Strict selection: colour, size, stem thickness and straightness of the stem (100%!)
• Especially selected for you in the greenhouse
• Available in sizes from 60 to 100 cm
• Very exclusive!

Flower Export by OZ Export - More than Calla - VisCalla - simply calla

Photography by Simply Calla with John Vis, grower at VisCalla.

Share the happiness together with VisCalla

Your clients demand more: more exclusivity, more innovation and more beauty. With ‘More than Calla’ you create distinction in your own assortment. Calla supplied by a nursery that opens up new possibilities for a flower with emotion. Buy these exclusive flowers at OZ Export, your flower export company from Holland. Look for the MTC (More than Calla) label in our webshop!


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