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Tulip is one of the most popular cut flowers in Dutch homes. It is also a very important flower to the Dutch flower trade. Now is the season to put this product in the spotlight!

Tulips are in full availability this month. OZ Export offers a wide and rich assortment from all top growers and breeders. Pick your colour or order our famous Rainbow Mix.


Tulips come in five main species. These species have many sub-varieties. The five species are: single leaf (EN.), double leaf (DU.), parrot (PA.), triumph (TR.) and crispa (FR.) Below you see for every species an example to clarify the distinction and make your choice for any sub-variety easier.

flower export
From left to right: Tulip EN. Striped Flag | Tulip DU. Columbus | Tulip PA. Mysterious Parrot | Tulip TR. White Liberstar | Tulip CR. Cuban Night

Very popular during the season is the Tulip ‘Schoof’ (in English: ‘Sheaf’). This is a bundle of Tulips with bulb. OZ Export offers several varieties of this long lasting Tulips. Ask for it with your sales contact!

flower export
From left to right: Tulip ‘Schoof’ Candy Prince | Tulip ‘Schoof’ Purple Prince | Tulip ‘Schoof’ Sunny Prince


There is a legend of almost nine hundred years old about the Turkish Tulip. The Turkish prince Farhad was in love with a beautiful girl, Shirin. On a bad day the poor prince heard that Shirin was murdered. Farhad is inconsolable and he threw himself and his horse off a cliff. At the spot where his blood dripped on the earth a flower began to grow, a beautiful red Tulip. This red tulip was the symbol of perfect love.


The red Tulip is the symbol of perfect love. A purple Tulip stands for ‘royal’, yellow for happiness and white for forgiveness. A bouquet of Tulips in many different colours represents elegance. The Tulip belongs to celebrate a 11th wedding anniversary. Especially on this anniversary you ought to give red Tulips with a black heart, where this black heart is burnt due to the fire of passion.

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