On Wednesday 26 November OZ Export was invited to inspect the impressive new Holstein greenhouse. A group of buyers and vendors used this opportunity to see the improvements.

We visited the largest of the two greenhouses that Holstein manages in De Lier, near the Naaldwijk flower auction. First thing that caught our attention was the enormous fields of flowers in this six hectares large greenhouse. Truly a sea of flowers! Less than one kilometer from here there is a second greenhouse, measuring four hectares. You can imagine what this looks like with seemingly endless beds of eighty colourful species of Gerberas and Germinis.

flower export
Leo van Holstein talks and OZ Export listens


A second thing that draws our attention is the big share of Germinis in comparison to the large Gerberas. Leo van Holstein, the company’s general manager, explains this imbalance through a simple calculation. Large Gerberas take more space, bring less flowers and are packed with more transport volume than Germinis.

If the average price would be significantly better it would be profitable, but this is not the case. Just a few cents difference in the last few years makes the balance more and more tip towards Germinis. The choice of many foreign companies for their local Gerberas, although often of inferior quality, makes it difficult to get money for value.

flower export
Willem van Holstein explains the procedures for developing new success stories

flower export
A field full of potential novelties | It all starts with a small glass tube


The Germini assortment is strongly developing at Holstein. There are many possibilities to bring this flower group to a higher level: Stronger stems, improved disease and damage control, better and more fashionable colours and new mutations, like Spiders and Pomponis. Holstein has its own breeding lab that we were also allowed to see. Here we found many potentially strong novelties for the future submitted to harsh tests before growing on a larger scale. Willem van Holstein, manager Selection & Breeding showed us an example of a perfectly coloured Germini that did not pass the ultimate break test and, therefore, failed to go big. Only the best of the best is going to production for the market.

flower export
All flowers are hydrated in a pool of lightly chlorinated water before transport | The specialists of OZ Export were asked to judge a dozen new varieties


One year ago Holstein announced their new corporate identity. The aim is to make the black boxes with modern Gerbera print recognizable for flower buyers. This should make buying and re-selling the best flowers easier for customers.

Holstein builds their company brand based on customer service, reliability and quality. That is why all buyers and vendors of OZ Export were invited to visit the greenhouse and, after that, sit with Holstein’s management team to discuss how to improve their products, services and logistics. Their aim is to give us the tools to serve our customers with the freshest possible Gerberas and Germinis. We are sure that you will appreciate this.

Holstein Flowers appears daily in our webshop, also by same day delivery directly from the greenhouse in our webshop’s Grower Direct section.

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flower export
Holstein’s corporate movie on YouTube

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