Asters are often called the ideal bouquet filler. Just a filler? No disrespect, because they are great flowers!

Asters are too modest to be just another filler. Look at the bright colours and at the enormous amounts of flowers on the stems and you will understand why. It is high time to give these strong bouquet fillers some attention.

Ron van Oosten of Kwekerij Zijdezicht is a typical Aster grower. A modest man who is really listening to his customers to improve his product and the market for Asters. That is but one reason why Zijdezicht and OZ Export’s buyer Dennis Dekker teamed up to present this week’s Flower Pitch in our main conference room.

From left to right: Ron van Oosten and Dennis Dekker

In Summer Ron van Oosten and his business partner John Krijger cultivate Asters on five hectares. The crop is switched to Chrysants during the Winter season, which are sold as a Zentoo brand.

Asters are already in the assortment of every flower professional for decades. That is on one side a point of strength, but it can also be considered a weakness when the range is small, when varieties do not change or when the way Asters are used do not evolve. Monte Cassino, for instance, is a real golden oldie and still going strong. Re-thinking the way Asters are used is exactly where the opportunities lie for the Asters. Van Oosten understands this and came to speak with the OZ Export sales staff about these issues. How to make the product more attractive for our customers? The lively discussion resulted in some important notes for both our vendors and Zijdezicht.

A good start to strongly promote the Aster has been made by the Zijdezicht’s Flower Pitch and by a special promotional campaign from Friday 26 June until Friday 3 July. Do ask your vendor for our Aster Mixed buckets and we will also send you useful promotional materials.


This week our Flower Pitch Corner is filled with six of Zijdezicht’s best Aster varieties:

Aster Claudia

Aster Cassandra

Aster Caitlyn

Aster Monte Cassino

Aster Cassy

Aster Linda

All Asters are available with your OZ Export vendor and in our webshop.

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