Finlays = Flamingo Flowers

This week’s Flower Pitch presents: High Altitude Roses grown by Fair Trade production farms in Kenya. Finlays horticulture is taken over by Sun European Partners. This way they return to the famous Flamingo brand and design. The goal of this decision is further growing, innovating, strengthening and improving its market position in 2016. The new official name of Finlays will be: Flamingo Flowers.

Finlays Flamingo Flowers - Flower Export by OZ Export 03

A new name and logo for Finlays: Flamingo Flowers!


Flamingo Flowers is a company with a mission. They want to produce natural, sustainable and reliable products/services that enhance people’s quality of life. They are one of the world’s largest producers and packers of Fair Trade flowers (certification: FLO-cert). One of our values at OZ Export is respect. Respect for the environment, respect for flowers and of course respect for people. We want to treat the people who work for us the best we can. Flamingo Flowers shares this value with us and, therefore, is a great partner.

Which projects do they support with Fair Trade?
• Baby day care
• Primary or secondary schools
• Hospitals
• Medical care
• Training of staff by Institute of Marketing

Finlays Flamingo Flowers - Flower Export by OZ Export

Happy workers at one of the Rose farms in Kenya of Flamingo Flowers. These Roses are available in our OZ Export Webshop.


Innovation is one of the other important unique selling points of Flamingo Flowers. They have their own IPM (Integrated Pest Management) business. Dudutech is an alternative and complimentary approach to the use of synthetic chemical pesticides. Dudutech is also Africa’s leading bio-pesticide producer and distributor, and a referral institute for Integrated Crop Management (ICM) in Africa. Because of this project and innovation Flamingo Flowers farms have been able to reduce synthetic pesticide use by up to 70 percent!

Finlays Flamingo Flowers - Flower Export by OZ Export 02

Flamingo Flowers is an innovative organization with a passion for flowers, just like OZ Export.


Their special High Altitude Rose line has an amazing quality. So, if you are looking for beautiful Roses grown by a Fair Trade production farm then Flamingo Flowers Roses are great! Please go to our webshop for our special Flower Pitch offers.

Flower Export by OZ Export

Flamingo Flowers presenting their Roses at OZ Export.

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