Grower TUNEZO is a flower culture company of Ben Jansen. The name is a combination of the words Tulip, Nerine and Summer flowers (zomerbloemen in Dutch).


Company ‘Ben Jansen’ was founded in 1955 by Ab Jansen. In 1994, his son Ben Jansen took over the company, after running the business together for 10 years. Ben also changed the name to TUNEZO with the takeover.



TUNEZO is known for its beautiful and unusual flowers. TUNEZO is not only known as producer of summer flowers, but also as a producer of Tulips and Nerines with the most beautiful and surprising innovations.


Every year he produces and tests different types of Tulips and Nerines in his movable greenhouse. This greenhouse on wheels is put over a particular section of flowers. After the flowers are harvested, the greenhouse is moved to another part to start a new growth process. This traditional way of growing Tulips in combination with innovative solutions guarantees top quality Tulips. It is a true craft and it demands a lot of experience, knowledge and passion form the grower.



TUNEZO is also focused on innovations with Summer flowers. The company is currently working on some wonderful innovations of Agapanthus, Lysimachia, Nerines and Peonies.



Tulipa Libretto Double, Tulipa Fairy Tail and Tulipa Mango Charm by TUNEZO.

  • Fairy Tail: Aren’t these Tulips like they just came out of a fairy tale? The red petals with yellow edges look like they are kissed by the sun. Dream away with on your table a Fairy Tail bouquet!
  • Mango Charm: this yummy single Tulip has a tasty soft golden mango colour around the edges of the petals that also flow on the interior, but it has brightening pale rose flames on the petals of the flower.
  • Libretto Double: The Libretto Double almost resemble a peony due to their bowl shaped blooms. The colour varies between beige red at the heart of the flower and ruby red towards the edges. Beautiful, unique and one of a kind.


Tulipa Kickstart and Tulipa Action by TUNEZO.

  • Action: “Mic, Lights, Camera, Action”. These tulips will steal the show with their cerise coloured petals.
  • Kickstart: Kickstart your day with these light purple coloured double tulips. They are relatively round and have an energetic shade to it, which gives you energy just by looking at it.

These are just a few selected flowers of the assortment of TUNEZO. In summer, TUNEZO offers a unique and exclusive range of summer flowers like Echinacea, Eryngium and Peonies.  Please remember the Tulips are available for a limited time and they are very exclusive. So be quick with your order, or pre-order your flowers! For more information, please contact us.

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