From white to pink and from light blue to deep purple. Lathyrus Odoratus is a charming flower with a sparkling colour palette. Not only easy on the eyes but also a pleasure for the nose. This seasonal flower is back and his availability grows every week.


Lathyrus belongs to the legume family (Leguminosae) and his English name is Sweet Pea. Odoratus means ‘beautiful perfume’ and obviously refers to the perfume of the flower.

The trend colour for this summer in fashion is blue. The different colours of Lathyrus fit perfectly with blue tones. The white and blue combination is an all-time favourite for the summer seasons.

News Item -Lathyrus -Bloomtube- bouquet Tales- pure seasonal flowers- OZ Flower Export Lathyrus Inspirations by Pure Seasonal Flowers.


Have you ever wondered how Lathyrus grows? The crop can grow to three metres high and requires support in the form of string or gauze. On a Lathyrus nursery you will find long rows of fresh green crop with here and there flowers in stunning colours. In the nursery it smells lovely and sweet!

BRIDAL Bouquet

News Item -Lathyrus -Bloomtube- bouquet Tales- pure seasonal flowers- OZ Flower Export A Lathyrus wedding bouquet designed by Bouquet Tales & Bloomtube.

Lathyrus is also perfect for your wedding bouquets and decorations. His sweet scent makes him extra romantic. The flower petals look soft and flowy, a perfect match for a summer bride with her flowy dress.

Take a look at this inspirational video: Bringing back memories… Nostalgic Ageratum, sweet scent of Lathyrus and the Peony. A lovely wedding bouquet.

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