The Valentine Roses and accessories are filling our warehouse: red, pink, a lot of hearts and even a few sweet teddy bears! Flowers are a beautiful way to say «I love you» to that special person.

Valentine’s Day is no longer a festive holiday only for love birds, but also to show friends and family that you appreciate them. If you pop over to Finland, you’ll learn that Valentine’s Day here is called Ystävänpäivä, which translates into ‘Friend’s day’. It’s more about remembering your buddies. So if you don’t have a date, send your best friend some flowers. Need some inspiration? A yellow Rose represents friendship.

Valentine Banner of a Rose by OZ Export


• In 1537, England’s King Henry VII officially declared 14 February the holiday of St. Valentine’s Day.
• The favourite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, is a red Rose.
• Red Roses and white Roses together are an indication of bonding and harmony.
• Two Roses entwined stands for an engagement or marriage is imminent.


In February everywhere you look you will see Valentine Bouquets. Every florist knows how make a beautiful red Rose bouquet, but how do you stand out? Below we will show you some inspiration of the florists from Bouquet Tales and Bloomtube.

  1. A modern hand tied bouquet that would look great as well as a table decoration.
  2. A fun and funky way of saying «I love you» with a single Rose.
  3. Make it personal! This lovely pastel bouquet is perfect for your sweetheart. Fold a nice coloured border around you bouquet for a personal message.
  4. Incorporate a small bunch of flowers in your gift-wrap for that extra touch. You can make a small heart out of wire. Fill up the heart with curled pieces of aluminium wire, try to create a nice 3D shaped heart.
  5. The only heart shaped flower in the world: the Anthurium! This modern and glossy flower is perfect for your Valentine Bouquet. If you use bright red Anthuriums you’ll really make a statement.
Valentine Arrangments by Bloomtube - Flower Export by OZ Export

Five Valentine ideas for florists by Bloomtube.

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