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We do a lot of promotion for breeders, growers and their flowers. Some promotions are big and global, others small and local.

Here is an example of one pinpointed promo for the Watch Up Longiflorum by Bredefleur at one of our English customers’ warehouse.

photo 3

With a banner, posters, balloons, stickers, flyers, brochures and of course a vase of blooming Watch Ups our customer seduced his florist customers. A nice interaction between grower, exporter and customer results in more awareness for this top quality flower.

Specifications of Lilium LF Watch Up:

  • Available in single and multiple flower Longis
  • Special goblet lily, exclusively grown by Bredefleur
  • The flowers are «watching up»
  • Available in single and multiple flower Longis
  • Year-round available

The SUPRA line of the lilies is very special. These represent the highest segment of this product line.

Check our website or ask your vendor at OZ Export how you can promote Watch Up.

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