If you are looking for even more colours than already offered for Lisianthus [botanical: Eustoma] we can serve you with our painted varieties.

There are several very sophisticated ways to dye flowers. You can dip, spray, use fabric or have the flowers paint themselves! Flowers painting themselves is a popular method that uses flower food colours. This process involves adding a colour to water, and leaving the flowers to absorb it. Although the dye will be absorbed by whatever flowers you put in the coloured water, it will only show up on flowers that have naturally light-coloured petals.

Youtube - Bloemen verven
Watch how this YouTube professor explains the principle of flower food colours with some white roses

Practising the absorbing process it is important that the flowers have been out of the water for a while before the painting process starts. That way they will be thirsty and consume the coloured water and within a couple of hours turn to the desired colour. It sounds easy, but this requires a lot of knowledge of flowers and painting. OZ Export has specialized partner for painting purposes who delivers constant and fine quality with whatever needs to be painted in whatever way.

Product - Lisianthus Painted 02
Lisianthus Painted Pink | Lisianthus Painted Yellow | Lisianthus Painted Red

Product - Lisianthus Painted 01
Lisianthus Painted Orange | Lisianthus Painted Dark Blue | Lisianthus Painted Green

Check our webshop for our assortment of painted Lisianthus or ask your vendor at OZ Export for the possibilities, also for other flower varieties.

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