During the recent FloraHolland Trade Fair Fred van Paassen Chrysanten was officially introduced as new Master Growers of VannoVa. VannoVa is a collaboration between six, self acclaimed, Master Growers.

Fred van Paassen Chrysanten is a modern nursery of spray Chrysanthemums with over 25 years of experience. The production cycle, from cuttings up to full-grown products, all happens at the same location. Furthermore, Fred van Paassen commits himself to the breeding of only one cultivar, which allows him to continually guarantee a high quality product. The company has all the newest techniques and equipment at its disposal to make the production more comfortable and enjoyable for the workers.


Van Paassen adds to the already vast VannoVa assortment the strong spray Chrysant Bacardi White, of which yearly 17 million flowers are cut in the 6 hectares large greenhouses.

flower export
Chrysant Tr. Bacardi White


Fred van Paassen Chrysanthemums is now a Master Grower of VannoVa. VannoVa is a partnership that produces and markets a number of successful Chrysanthemum cultivars. Six leading nurseries have joined forces, in order to provide their customers with a wide range of high quality Chrysants. Cooperation is the key to improve. Therefore they combine the specific qualities of their Master Growers in order to provide you with a wide range of high quality products and ensure you continuity, quality and reliability.

flower export
R&A van Kester (Chrysant Tr. Baltica White)
J&A Flowers (Chrysant Gp. Zembla Yellow, Zembla Lime, Anabel, Gagarin, Anastasia White, Anastasia Sunny)
Guus van Leeuwen (Chrysant Tr. Baltica Yellow, Baltica Cream)
Laurens van der Lans (Chrysant Tr. Zembla)
Van Leeuwen Flowers (Chrysant Gp. Zembla White, Zembla Yellow)
Fred van Paassen (Chrysant Tr. Bacardi)


For obtaining these varieties from the VannoVa growers please visit our webshop or ask your vendor at OZ Export.

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