flower export

The Chrysant breeders of Fides are on the road. Their aim is to meet with their customers to show their latest Chrysant varieties.

It is quite original to build up a truck as a greenhouse and go visit your biggest customers. Fides decorated the inside of a truck like the inside of a greenhouse and planted a few samples of almost 150 different varieties in this driving showcase.

Usually the OZ buyers visit the annual Fides flower trials in their Westland facilities. With the initiative of driving to the customer in Aalsmeer the breeder has managed to get the direct attention of not only the OZ Export Chrysant buyers, but also the entire sales staff.

flower export
The Fides On The Road truck docking at OZ Export | OZ Export Chrysant buyer Henk Jan Stolker dressed to the occasion

After a brief explanation by Rick Minck, Product manager Cut Chrysanthemum, we shambled into the truck admiring the novelties. Rick and his colleagues showed us around, explaining the qualities of the — partially still nameless — varieties while writing down our comments.

Flower trials new style prove to be not only very original way to reach out to the customer, but also a very effective way to learn a lot in a short visit.

flower export
The OZ Export sales staff inspects the Fides novelties, while Rick Minck takes notes | The new creme coloured spray Chrysant Champagne.

Fides is worldwide active in the breeding and propagation of cut chrysanthemums and other horticultural products. Breeding takes place in the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and the United Kingdom. OZ Export and Fides have a long history of close cooperation.

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