The Helleborus is something different. She is a flower that needs a bit of a manual. She remembers where she lives in the greenhouse. This means the grower can not just put her in another place. Once she fits, she sits! The grower plants the flower in the greenhouse and then he has to wait before she shows her beautiful flowers. He has to wait for three years on the first flower! Commitment, knowledge and patience is important for the Helleborus grower.

Luckily De Haas is a true Helleborus expert and grows some of the most beautiful Helleborus cut flowers. Of course available in the OZ Export webshop and mobile application.

De Haas Helleborus -oz export - flower export De Haas Helleborus -oz export - flower export


The Helleborus needs a bit of love from you too! Cut the stems diagonally. She loves clean water, please keep it fresh. Help her a bit with special flower food. If your Helleborus is looking a bit sad, please cut off a bit of the stem and place her in fresh water. After a few hours she will be that happy and perky little flower you bought. It is a bit of a technical story, but here is the short summery. The Helleborus needs to vaporise water to breathe, if the temperature is high she will vaporise more water then she drinks from your vase.


The Helleborus is on trend and fits the floral trend Harmonise perfectly. Her natural and botanic appearance are perfect for bohemian styled bouquets. She is also a perfect match for the Equalise trend. Equalise is about small flowers and unusual designs. The Helleborus’s colour range fits perfect in the modern, natural and Scandinavian styled homes.

Helleborus Inspriration - flower export - oz export - floral inspiration

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