On Thursday 16 October a new Rose, called Pink Charm, was launched by breeder Lex+. And OZ Export’s buyer Ronald Kamer was there to report to you.

Always dreamed of the right pink colour for a feeling of beauty, softness and sweetness? Your search is over: Pink Charm has it all, with all luxury and romance you wish for. Pink Charm is your perfect Rose for sweet bouquets, gifts, baby showers, Mother’s Day, birthdays and many more pink occasions.

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Here are the proud growers at the unveiling of Pink Charm, on the left Remco van der Arend, on the right Arie van den Berg


Pink Charm is the new growers name for Pink Avalanche+. It shares the DNA of these big and beautiful high end flowers, offering some extra special features. However, what makes Pink Charm extra special is its colour. It’s a magic kind of pink that reminds of antique roses, serene sunsets and the joy of unconditional love. An additional feature is the extensive colour nuance in the heart when Pink Charm opens up. This will definitely cause a smile or two when the bud opens up before your eyes.


Lex+ has trusted his invention to two top Rose growers, Van den Berg Roses and Van der Arend Roses. Both growers were present during the inauguration of Pink Charm. They promise the finest roses of 60-80cms with big spiral-shaped heads.

OZ Export  |  To Flower The World
Pink Charm represents unconditional love. Let Pink Charm steal your heart


Pink Charm is Love On Demand. As of 10 November we will have plenty for you. Order your share of lovely Rose Pink Charm with your vendor at OZ Export or check our webshop.

Get inspired on (site also available in English). And you can also see Pink Charm live at our Flower Gallery when you visit OZ Export during next week’s Trade Fair.

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