In May it’s Mother’s Day in many countries around the world. Also in yours? And you know what they secretly prefer to get…?

Mother's Day 2015

In Europe Mother’s Days start in February and ends in November. This is because there are no rules as to when you should celebrate this special day. Every country fits Mother’s Day into their own culture. Norway kicked off on 8 February and Russia will end the Mother’s Day season on 29 November. May has the most Mother’s Days and most mothers that will get gifts from their children and grandchildren. And what gift do you think they would most like to receive? Our job and yours is to make sure that this is flowers.


The period of time for Mother’s Day is important for the sale of flowers and likewise for other gift items. Chocolate Brands, drugstores, perfume brands, they all try to obtain this extra attention. How do you stand out with your flowers? It’s not easy…

First thing is to show that you are there by locally and regionally promoting your wholesale company or flower shop. Be convinced that you have got the right stuff that will make any mother happy: great flowers! People love people, so showing a happy mother getting flowers from her lovely kid always is always cute. Do realize, however, that kids would normally not consider buying flowers on their own initiative, so a little hunch towards the fathers might help. Give your customers a reason to buy flowers especially on this occasion. Stay close to yourself when promoting, like by asking yourself what would make you happy in a bouquet of flowers?


With flowers, you can tell your mother precisely what she means to you. Flowers have a hidden message; we call their language Floriography. Besides flowers with a meaning, you’ll also give your mother her favourite flower of course. If you make a cheerful bouquet from it, nicely wrapped and with a sweet card, it will become a very special and personal gift.

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