Last week was the Hydrangea Inspiration Week, together with Royal Flora Holland, growers and breeders we presented trends and inspiration. As a follow up, the Hydrangea is placed in our own Flower Pitch Corner.

Create a stunning design with just Hyrdangeas. A simple combination of just three different coloured Hydrangea can have a fantastic appearance. Mix and match these flowers as you wish to great the wow-factor in your shop!

OZ Export - Flower Export - Flower Pitch with Hydrangea Verena and Hydrangea Schneebal and Hydrangea Rodeo Purple

Our Hydrangea purchase specialist John and an overview of our Flower Pitch.



Hydrangeas come in many different varieties and lengths, even though originally the flower herself isn’t that tall. You may wonder how breeders create such length? We’ll tell you the secret!

When buying Hydrangea, some may have an older wooden stem at the bottom. The flowers are grown on old wood, so the Hydrangea simply is just a bit longer. This is how the extra length is created. The lenght of the wooden stem can differ a lot. This doesn’t make a difference in the quality of the flower, according to the growers and a research study by Royal FloraHolland. The quality of the size of the fluffy head is no different than a Hydrangea without old wood.



The Hydrangea is not only available in different sizes, but also in tons of different colours. Hydrangeas are pretty lively. The light coloured varieties of Hydrangea are called ‘fresh’, as they have a fresh, young colour.

The most famous fresh varieties are dazzling white, romantic pink and joyful purple. Other varieties are green, red and blue.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Hydrangea Schneebal - Hydrangea Verena - Hydrangea Rodeo Purple

The Hydrangea from left to right: Schneeball, Verena and Rodeo Purple.



The delightful Hydrangea has all the characteristic of the ideal romantic flower. No wonder why she represents love, harmony and peace. As the ‘fresh’ varieties come in countless soft colours and have a luxurious appearance, she is a popular guest at weddings or other festive events. Therefore, we came up with three different inspiration styles with the different colours:

Floral style #1 Dazzling White

Large bulging flower heads with a touch of other small flowers give the Hydrangea her charm: she is known for being a sight for sore eyes. By keeping all flowers in the same colour with a hint of green, you can create a dazzling white look.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Flower Pitch with Hydrangea Schneebal - Dazzling White Wedding inspiraton

Floral style #2 Romantic Pink

Hydrangeas are known for their lush blooms that add colour and warmth to any floral arrangement. But, have you ever taken a closer look at the delicate individual flowers? That’s right a few stems of one Hydrangea variety is more than enough to create a romantic pink bouquet.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Flower Pitch with Hydrangea Verena - Romantic Pink Inspiration

Floral style #3 Joyful Purple

Keeping in mind, the Pantone colour of the year, you can create a trendy wedding look by using joyful purplish Hydrangeas. The luminous ultra violet colour will with no doubt catch the attention of your loved-ones.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Flower Pitch with Hydrangea RodeoPurple - Joyflu wedding inspiration

Looking for more wedding inspiration? Click here and check out our news blog to see all the fun things you can do with the romantic Bouvardia.



We all want to enjoy our flowers as long as possible. To keep your Hydrangea fit and healthy we came up with a step-by-step plan for taken care of them:

1. Cut approximately 2 cm of the stem to maximize water consumption.
2. When using Hydrangea in you floral design make sure to soak them in cold water for at least an hour before using them.
3. You don’t want any leaves in the water, make sure to take away the lower leaves.
4. Select a tall vase to give the flowers the support they need.
5. Fill the vase with a large amount of water as Hydrangea drink a lot.
6. Give a little bit of love on daily basis and they will stay fit for around two weeks.

Find you favourite Hydrangea colour and go to our webshop or app to see our current stock.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Flower Pitch with Hydrangea Verena and Hydrangea Schneebal

On the left you can see Hydrangea Verena and on the right you can also see Hydrangea Schneeball.

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