A sunny day in Spring can easily be celebrated with scented Roses. On the other hand, it is also an ultimate wedding flower. That’s why this week the wedding Roses are the focus of our Flower Pitch. A real must are the flowers by Parfum Flower Company! We tested fourteen different varieties of these amazing Garden Roses.

OZExport - FlowerExport - Parfum Flower Company - Flower PitchOur Russian Account Manager Nina holding her favourite scented Roses: Juliet.



Parfum Flower Company has a broad assortment with a large diversity of colours and scents. The different Garden Roses all have their own distinctive shape. Some may look a little bit like Peonies, others have double flowered features.

The collection by David Austin and Meiland Jardin both are very unique. The English David Austin Roses are most famous for the layers of ruffled petals. When they fully bloom they will reveal an exquisite beauty. The French Meiland Jardin Roses, on the other hand, are known for the Peony shaped flower petals with a nice fruity scent.

OZExport - FlowerExport - Parfum Flower Company - TableOverview

Garden Roses: 1 Austin Juliet, 2 Austin Rosalind, 3 Yves Piaget, 4 Toulouse Lautrec, 5 Austin Patience, 6 Prince Gardinier, 7 Yves Piaget Creme, 8 Austin Keira, 9 Cafe Latte and 10 Delice Romantica.



Parfum Flower Company is one of our Dutch Flower Group partners due to their high quality of exceptional scented Roses. They select their Rose assortment based on colour and scent with a specialisation in the wedding and events segment.

Scents evoke our emotions, no wonder why PFC specialises in these segments. As scents can recall specific moments and feelings, people would like to be reminded to the most pleasant ones. Like for example a wedding.

OZExport - FlowerExport - Parfum Flower Company - Flower Pitch - Rosa Prince Jardinier



After transport the Roses can appear a bit sleepy and thirsty. To keep the Roses hydrated and to make sure you can enjoy these flowers for a long time, we have listed some after-care tips for you that you can use in your shop:

  • Use a sharp knife to diagnolly cut the stems approximately three centimeters from each stem’s bottom edge.
  • Don’t let any leaves hang in the water. Remove all leaves below the water line, otherwise a bacteria may form and that will shorten the Rose’s life.
  • After transportation the Roses need a lot of water to become fully hydrated again. Therefore, fill the cases at least halfway up with fresh water and Chrysal flower food.

Read more about care tips on this PDF specially designed by Parfum Flower Company which you can download here.

Want to get to know all the different scents of these wonderful flowers? Check our webshop or app to find your favourite. You could also always ask your account manager for advice on the different scents.

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