Protea flowers are native to the southern hemisphere, primarily Australia and South Africa. They exist already for over 300 million years. Luckily, nowadays we are able to enjoy this lavish flower all over the world, for example in our Flower Gallery.

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On the left you can see an overview of our Flower Gallery with the Protea inspiration bouquets. On the right our German account manager Tonny is holding his favourite bouquets.



Did you know? Proteas are generally known to symbolise diversity, daring, transformation and courage. There are between 1,400 and 1,600 varieties of this flower that include a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

The Protea is really distinctive due to her extraordinary colours and sturdy stem. The heart of the flower is protected with thick often hairy petals. Some varieties protect the heart of the flower very well, so you won’t be able to see a lot of the heart of the flower. Yet, other varieties will open up their hearts completely. The most popular colours of this flower are pink, orange and red.

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The Protea from left to right: 1 Protea Cynaroides Madiba, 2 Protea Sheila, 3 Protea Red Magic, 4 Protea Niobe, 5 Protea Lancelot and 6 Protea Cynaroides.



You only need a few Proteas for a floral feast, because this flower can turn your bouquet into an artwork. Take for example this fall bouquet made by our sister company Coloríginz. Here typical fall flowers, such as Nutans and Blushing Brides, were combined with the Protea to create this design.

The fiery red, pretty pinks, warm orange and yellow ochre blend nicely together and make the soft pink colour of the Blushing Bride pop out of this bouquet.

Your shopping list:

  • Stunning Protea Cynaroides Madiba
  • Pretty Protea Red Magic
  • Lovely Blushing Bride
  • Bright Nutan Jelena


OZ Export - Flower Export - Flower Pitch - Protea - Fall inspiration

Proteas can be combined in any bouquet. In our second option you can focus on the pink flowers in combination with greens.

Your shopping list:

  • Beautiful Protea Cynaroides
  • Extraordinary Protea Sheila
  • Exceptional Protea lancelot
  • Marvelous Kaaps groen erica four sisters
  • Fantastic Kaaps groen retzia carpensis

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Please note: the Protea loves to drink a lot of water, so make sure you put enough water in the vase and regularly fill it up with fresh water. To ascertain that the flower can absorb the most water, diagonally cut of 3-4 cm of the stem.

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For more Protea flowers you can check our webshop or app. Pick out your favourite varieties and get started on your next floral showpiece.

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