Since June we exclusively offer the spray Alstroemeria variety Charmelia Bridesmaid.

This romantic pink beauty is a completely new flower with a clear relationship to the existing group of Alstroemerias. Therefore, we have decided to sell them as ‘Alstroemeria Tr. Charmelia Bridesmaid’. The species characterizes with a Freesia-like build up of the flowers on the stems. This gives one stem already a full look.

Product - Alstroemeria Charmelia Bridesmaid 01

The developer Royal van Zanten has bred something truly unique with the Charmelia product line. It starts with the pink Bridesmaid, but soon white and red Charmelia varieties will follow. Our Grower Direct partner Together2Grow, a renowned Alstroemeria grower, is responsible for growing steady top quality Charmelia Bridesmaids.

We are convinced that this flower will be used not only as a mono bunch, but definitely in bouquets of all sizes as well. One of the most amazing aspects is the number of flowers per stem. We count an average of twenty per stem. An average regular Alstroemeria holds 6-8 flowers per stem.

Open flowers, longer vase life
On the introduction of this new flower we like to bring to your attention a common misconception when selling Alstroemerias, also the regular ones. Most wholesalers and florists buy Alstroemerias too raw, under the impression that this will bring longer sales time. This is not true. One or two open flowers will do exactly this. Since they have had more time on the mother plant they will be much stronger and have a longer vase life. An additional effect is that with one or two open flowers the Alstroemerias will show their finest colours and be more appealing to your customers.

Product - Alstroemeria Charmelia Bridesmaid 02

Alstroemeria Tr. Charmelia Bridesmaid is daily available in our webshop.

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