Special Orchids is a leading nursery that specialises in the cultivation of large-flowered Cymbidium for cut flower production. To nurture this Orchid to full maturity and flowering you’ll need years of experience and craftsmanship. John and Wim Bos, the owners of this family business, work like modern-day guild masters to produce Cymbidium of the highest quality and in a wide assortment. Their complete range is available for you in our webshop and mobile app.



The new season was off to an especially good start for Special Orchids. Beside the fact that the assortment looks absolutely fantastic once again, this producer of large-flowered Cymbidium for cut flower production introduced its new corporate design this week. «For us, only the best quality will do. That’s why we launched our new golden packaging», said Wim Bos.


Special Orchids produces an ever-changing assortment, in order to continue to delight you with the finest varieties. Only the heaviest and most beautiful flower stems will pass the final inspection. For this reason, they are provided with a gold label to show that they belong to the top ranks of cut Cymbidium.


New golden design and sustainable packing for Special Orchids.

Sustainably packaged

The new packaging not only greatly reduces the risk of product damage, but also cuts down on labour and waste materials. This makes it a smart choice for both economic and environmental considerations. The environmental responsibility is playing an ever-increasing role at Special Orchids. As an example, their nursery made some major changes this summer. They meet all the criteria for trace-ability, safety and hygiene. Special Orchid’s new corporate design doesn’t stop at their new boxes. The sleeves and their website are also brand new.

Nothing has changed when it comes to the reliable quality and service provided by Special Orchids. These are still as good as gold. See for yourself! Ask your vendor for more information or look for Special Orchids’ flowers in our webshop.

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