If one flower is an eye-catcher, it is the Vanda. But how can you include an exclusive tropical flower like the Vanda well into a bouquet? With the Vanda Su-Su® Stix!

This is a new solution for you as a florist. Most of the work has been done for you at the grower. They already put the Vanda in a flower tube and a wooden stick is added to the package. All you need to do is to show your creativity by making an original bouquet!


Vanda SuSu Inspirations by Dutch florists: Fiori Bloemen, Bloemsierkunst de Carlton, Peter van de Velde, Bloemdesign.


• You can incorporate the Vanda Su-Su® Stix in bouquets with a maximum length of 55 cm
• Take the flower tube with the Vanda from the holder
• Attach the stick into the appropriate opening (at the bottom of the flower tube)
• Arrange the Vanda in the bouquet
• Is the bouquet of shorter length? Then simply cut the stick to the desired length

OZ Export - Flower Export- susu-how-to

Available at OZ Export, ask your vendor for more information or login to our webshop.

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