In December one of three flowers of the month is the Amaryllis (also known as the Hippeastrum). Therefore we put the most extraordinary Hippeastrums in the spotlight at our Flower Pitch Corner. Hippeastrums come in many shapes and sizes, not all the different varieties are as well-known as others.

For example, did you know that a double flowered Hippeastrum exists? The Red Glory Hippeastrum by Van der Ende Flowers is an exclusive double flowered Hippeastrum that derives from the Amazon. Other special varieties are:

  • Spider Hippeastrums
    The flowers of this Hippeastrum are smaller than average ones, but the spider types have more flowers and have those cool spider leg look-a-like petals. This will add an amazing effect to your floral design!
  • Bicoloured Hippeastrums
    Bicoloured Hippeastrums are a game changer when putting them in a bouquet. It is always a surprise, what pattern the two colors will be. Hippeastrums like Fledermaus and Gervase are always unique when fully flourished and therefore a popular variety.
  • Novelties
    One of the newer Hippeastrums is the Maestro. This beauty is bicoloured and really stands out because of the dotted patterns on the edges.

Hippeastrums are excellent for lighting up the dark days of the Winter season. Try out this cool combination of the Christmas colours such as candy cane red and snowy white.

In our webshop we offer a complete assortment different Hippeastrums colours, shapes and sizes! From exclusive to bicoloured Hippeastrums, next to the well-known Hippeastrums. Don’t miss out and check it out now!


Hippeastrum Fledermaus, Hippeastrum Red Glory and Hippeastrum Revelation.

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