Again a pot plant has become available as a cut flower. This time it is the Cyclame who enters our part of the business.

Pot plant grower Van der Does specializes in growing Campanula, Helleborus, Campanula and Cyclamen. A team of thirteen people grow yearly around 1.5 million plants on 35 hectares of greenhouse and outdoor fields, divided over two locations.

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From left to right: a Concept Box | Cut Cyclame Mix


Cyclamen originate in the Mediterranean area. In these cultures it has a symbolic meaning of eternal mother’s love.

The region’s atmosphere is evident for the surprising colours in which the Cyclame is available. Cyclamen as a cut flower is actually quite an old phenomenon, but due to various factors this application has never been realized on a commercial scale before. A few years ago this pot plant made a come back as a cut flower and slowly it gains popularity under forward flower traders.

It helped a lot that the flowers are offered in many fashionable colours and a great vase life of at least two full weeks without weakening or losing colour.

flower export
From left to right: Cut Cyclame Babette | Cut Cyclame Catherine | Cut Cyclame Lisa-Marie

flower export
From left to right: Cut Cyclame Lucie | Cut Cyclame Pauline | Cut Cyclame Rosalie


Flower stem size: 20 cm
Vase life: At least 2 weeks
Flowers per sales unit: 30 stems per cup
Packaging: 6 flower cups in a V967 tray
Available both mixed and mono coloured
Availability: from week 36 until week 51
Where available: at OZ Export. Check our webshop or ask your vendor.

flower export
This is how the Cut Cyclame are boxed

flower export

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