<strong>Nursery Rijk de Jongh is a young and dynamic company. They want to share their passion for flowers with you. Rijk de Jongh is a grower who produces a unique selection of flowers. They have strict requirements for their cultivation process. Surprising the consumer with high quality seasonal flowers is their aim. Florists can distinguish themselves with Rijk de Jongh’s flowers.</strong>

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These few weeks they have an amazing assortment of the biggest Turbo Celosias. The comb is 21cm(!) wide. They are available every week till the end of August.
There are 3 colours:
<li>Scarlet is radiant red.</li>
<li>Lily-Rose is pink with purplish undertone and a hint of yellow at the top edges.</li>
<li>Rose is pretty pink.</li>
<img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-32969″ src=”” alt=”Rijk de Jongh – Turbo Celosia- Flower Export – OZ Export” width=”1000″ height=”570″ />

Order Rijk de Jongh’s Celosias now at OZ Export in our <a href=”” target=”_blank”>webshop</a>, via our <a href=”” target=”_blank”>mobile app </a>or via your personal vendor and steal the show with these big and bold beauties.

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