The floricultural spotlight turns to the Sunflowers from Week 27 to 30 (29 June until 24 July). During this period there will be plenty available in more colours and sizes than you expected.

The Flower Agenda of the Dutch Flower Council focuses on the majestic Sunflower [botanical: Helianthus] during the next weeks. You will be inspired by this summery flower and you can help your customers to enjoy the cheerful Sunflower too.


Our very own painter Vincent van Gogh was not the first to be ecstatic by the beauty of Sunflowers. He produced more than half a dozen paintings about this flower. Ancient Indians in South America already used it for food, medicines and decoration. In the 1500’s the Spanish took the flower to Europe. In 1887 it was Vincent’s turn to attribute to the popularity of the Helianthus by painting his first Sunflower still life. No wonder that several Sunflower varieties were named after him, like Vincent’s Choice and Vincent’s Fresh.

From left to right: Van Gogh’s third Sunflower painting (1888) | Vincent at work painting Sunflowers (in a painting by Van Gogh’s friend Paul Gauguin, 1888)

The Helianthus has always symbolised the carefree life of Summer, sun and love. That is why so many people cheer up when they see a Sunflower, the true Queen of the Summerflowers. One single flower enlightens every bouquet in an instant. Try some Sunflowers in the next weeks. Pick from our vast online offer or call your vendor at OZ Export for the availability and prices.


Sunflowers are mostly big and yellow. But there are many more varieties already available right now and this range will increase in the next weeks of Summer. The availability is growing by day, and momentarily we are able to offer several strong Helianthus varieties.

From left to right: Sunflowers Helianthus Vincent’s Choice | Helianthus Vincent’s Fresh

From left to right: Sunflowers Helianthus Orange Large | Helianthus Orange Small

From left to right: Sunflowers Helianthus Sonja | Helianthus Sunrich Limon

From left to right: Sunflowers Helianthus Teddy Bear | Helianthus Sun-4-U Bicolour


Give your customers the following tips, so that they can get optimum enjoyment from their sunflowers.
– Trim the stems diagonally.
– Remove surplus foliage from the stems.
– Place the flowers in a clean vase, preferably glass.
– Add a bit of cut flower food.
– Regularly top the vase up, since sunflowers are thirsty.


You can combine endlessly with Sunflowers. Try making a bouquet out of a whole bunch of Sunflowers with some Dill. Very unusual! Sunflowers with Solidago, standard Carnations and Solemio Carnations also look very beautiful. And how about the sunny combination in a blue wicker basket (see above image) containing various vases grouped together with Sunflowers, Delphiniums, Lavender, Agapanthus, Matthiola and Echinacea? Doesn’t that give you the ultimate summer feeling?


The Flower Agenda 2015 is an initiative by the Dutch Flower Council and features fifteen flowers sorted by seasonal availability. The agenda tell consumers the story of the flower and offers inspiration along with beautiful images. The agenda appears on Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and the content is formatted in a way that it can be easily shared via social media.

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