Spring is just around the corner. There comes the nice weather we’ve been all waiting for so long, the sunlight reaching every fiber of your body, every cell; everything starts to blossom – the most beautiful time of the year. Time of life, love and inspiration. And what is a better way to brighten up your mood and prepare yourself for the magical Spring season than flowers? This time, we prepared a special Spring Bulb Flowers section just for you.

We will now focus on gorgeous Tulips, Hyacinths, Narcissus, Muscari and Fritillaria. They are all so different, but the thing they all have in common is a bulb. In this issue, you will find inspirational ideas, care tips, colour pops and combination tricks.


To give you a little bit inspiration for your next flower arrangements, we would like to show you some flowers in the trendy Coral – Pantone colour of 2019 – and pink shades. These gentle looking, but at the same time stylish, flowers will most definitely welcome Spring into your shop and brighten up the general mood.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Hyacinth - Narcissus - Tulip

On the left, is the gorgeous Sweet Invitation Hyacinth by Straathof Flowers, followed by Pink Perfect Narcissus by W.F. Leenen. Eventually comes the Cacharel Tulip from Triflor.



These flowers are known for being very tricky to combine with other flowers. For instance, take the Narcissus – she can be toxic to other flowers in your bouquet, if combined in the wrong way. However, take each of these flowers alone – aren’t they just joyful and screaming ‘Spring’? They could potentially make a stunning bouquet. Is this possible to combine them with each other? Let’s break it down for you.

№ 1 Spring bouquet with Narcissus and Tulip

As mentioned earlier, the Narcissus can be poisonous for other flowers – this is because, after being cut, the flower releases slime from her stem. However, this process goes on for one day maximum upon cutting the stem – hence, feel free to use the flower in a bouquet after that.

Another useful advice would be cutting other flowers prior to cutting Narcissus itself – in such a way, the slime secrets will not be transferred to the stems of other flowers. Lastly, Chrysal has special Narcissus flower food, which will also neutralise the toxicity of the flower. The Narcissus is great to combine with Spring flowers in general, but we think that our Narcissus and Tulips make a stunning combination – even for a wedding bouquet.


 OZ Export - Flower Export - Tulip - Narcissus - Bouquet

 The first photo visualises Cambridge Tulip by CoasTulips, while the credits for the second photo go to funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

№2 Best of three worlds: Hyacinth, Tulip, Narcissus

Three gorgeous flowers, all of which are a true definition of Spring, all of which are classics. The elegant twist in the shape of flower petals makes the bouquet very extraordinary – not something that you would see every day. Just add Viburnum and Briza media and you are all set! Adding Chrysal’s ‘Bulb Flowers’ flower food will prolong the vase life of the flowers and keep you happy with this Spring’s special creation longer.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Hyacinth - Tulip - Narcissus - Bouquet

Our beautiful Lili Purple Hyacinth on the left and Strong Gold Tulip by CoasTulip on the right. The credits for bouquet photo, once again go to funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

№3 Fritillaria, Narcissus and Hyacinth

The beautiful Fritillaria is perfectly combined with Hyacinth and Narcissus. But, by adding: Ranunculus, Briza, Fern Leaf and Freesia, you will get a gorgeous bouquet. It will just scream ‘Spring is coming!’


OZ Export - Flower Export - Fritillaria - Narcissus - Hyacinth

Credits for all the photos go to funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

№4 Muscari and Narcissus

We figured out that Narcissus can be poisonous and needs special attention when it comes to flower arrangements. What about Muscari? This gentle flower is not as classic as are Tulip, Narcissus and Hyacinth, but it adds an extraordinary spring vibe to any bouquet. Combining it with Narcissus, gives the arrangement a trendy colour twist, but lets it remain beautiful and gentle. In this case, there also are Freesia, Alstroemeria, Statice (Limonium) and Eucalyptus, which add it up to a true work of art.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Muscari - Narcissus

Photo credits for the stunning bouquet on the left go to szirom.hu, while the right photo represents a Muscari Mix.



  • Make sure you keep Narcissus isolated from other flowers for up to a day, so that it becomes less poisonous for other flowers.
  • Use vases that are clean and filled with clean tap water. Add suitable cut flower food for longer vase life. In this case – the best options would be either Narcissus flower food or Bulb Flowers food by Chrysal.
  • Remove the leaves that might potentially end up in water – this will endure the vase life and prevent bacteria growth.
  • Cut approximately 3 to 5 cm off the stem diagonally with a clean and sharp knife or secateurs. If you are using Narcissus in your arrangement, make sure to cut it last in order to prevent the spread of toxins to other flowers.
  • Regularly check the water level and top up if necessary. Keep the flowers away from excessive sunlight and fruit bowls.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Spring Bulbs - Tulips - Muscari - Fritillaria - Bouquets

 All photo credits go to funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk



You will be able to find the full assortment of trendy Spring Bulb Flowers as well as flower food by Chrysal in our webshop or app. Welcome the Spring with beautiful flowers and brighten up your mood!

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