Did you know the Phlox used to be only available as a garden plant? Due to an innovating breeding process many new varieties of the Phlox were born, such as the cut flower Phlox. The cut flower Phlox is not your average flower. This flower might be somewhat forgotten or you simply haven’t met her yet, this is the perfect moment to get to know this romantic flower.

Nowadays the Phlox comes in several sweet colours, such as pink, purple and white. We placed a summery selection of these flowers by Hogenboom in our Flower Pitch this week.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Phloxes in our Flower Pitch and our purchase specialist with the Phlox Danielle

An overview of all the Phloxes in our Flower Pitch and our Phlox purchase specialist Dennis holding his favourite variety: Danielle.



Phloxes come in a large variety of colours, from pure white to bright pink. Not only is the colour of this flower fascinating, she also has a sweet fragrance which you can’t resist. Besides the difference in size, she knows many different varieties. Some Phloxes have smaller flowers yet more flowers per stem. Other Phloxes have larger petals and can change their colour during their vase life. Which one do you prefer?

OZ Export - Flower Export - Phloxes variety overview

The Phloxes from left to right: 1 Dynasty, 2 Jade, 3 Isabella, 4 Sweet Lexy and 5 Danielle. 



The multiple flowers per stem are one aspect of the many that makes the Phlox stand out from others. When using this flower in your newest floral wedding arrangement or when placing it in your glamourous floral event design, you can create a playful effect.

Inspiration #1 – DREAMY WHITE

The Phlox might be a small flower, yet big in her symbolism! The Phlox is a symbol of sweet dreams and harmony. She is a perfect for your dream wedding or to dream away with for Summer. The Phlox Danielle fits in well with this inspiration theme.
OZ Export - Flower Export - Wedding Phloxes - Phlox Danielle

Photo credit: Our Wedding Ideas

Inspiration #2 – ULTIMATE PURPLE

The Phlox has a soft and romantic appearance thanks to her elegant shape and luscious colours. Therefore she is often used in these type of bouquets or floral arrangements. Use the Pantone colour of the year, Ultra Violet, in your floral design by using Phloxes. The Phlox Chrissy is perfect to use for this inspiration theme.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Wedding Phloxes - Phlox Chrissy

Photo credit: Katherine O’Brien Photography

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Back in the days, when Hogenboom started with growing flowers, there was no Phlox to be seen. When the fourth generation of this family flower nursery joined the business, the Phlox was took over. Nowadays, Hogenboom Phloxen fully focuses on growing high quality Phloxes.

The checklist of what a Hogenboom Phlox needs to have:
• Beautiful and nicely spread little flowers
• Grown in a sustainable way
• Keeping their colour and not fade away when blooming
• A good vase life

It is very difficult to find a Phlox that meets all the requirements, as it takes years to develop new species. So don’t miss out on the latest variety Phlox Sweet Lexy! She has a sweet pink colour that keeps her bright colour throughout her whole vase life. And do you know what makes her extra special? She is named after the daughter of the owner.

So what are you waiting for? You can quickly find favourite Phlox in our webshop or app.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Favourite Phlox Hogenboom Phlox Sweet LexyThe favourite Phlox of grower Hogenboom: Sweet Lexy, named after his daughter.

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