Each year Keukenhof hosts multiple flower shows, each with a different theme. Last week we went to the official opening of their Lilium show. This year the theme of the show is ‘Romance’. In many different ways the theme is translated into the floral designs.

During the show multiple breeders present their most precious Lilium assortment. All the flowers are placed into various floral arrangements, each with their own unique romantic style.

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As mentioned above, the theme of this year’s Lilium show is Romance. The ultimate symbol for romance is of course marriage. This show is the perfect way to combine the start of the wedding season with the new Lilium trends.

To give the visitors an idea of a Lilium wedding, two brides were present at the official opening of the show. One bride was wearing an energetic dress with a little bit of lace and many beads. To make the look complete a perky purple and yellow Lilium bouquet was created. The girl was wearing a more white elegant dress with a lot of lace. For this dress a bright white bouquet was made and to top the look off she was also wearing a Lilium hairpiece.

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The highlight of the show was the introduction of a new Lilium variety. This Lilium fits in well with romantic theme, due to her soft and lovely colour. This special variety is called ‘Mary’s Romance’ and named after Mary Borsato, a wedding dress specialist with her own boutique here in the Netherlands. The two brides were wearing her dresses during the event.

Lilium ‘Mary’s Romance’ is a variety of the Roselily group, which means it is a double flowered Lilium. Other unique selling points of this flower are that she doesn’t produce pollen and doesn’t have a strong scent. Which makes it a perfect flower to use in a wedding bouquet!

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Not only was there an introduction of the a new Lilium variety, a new book by YourLily was also presented during the official opening. For the past three years YourLily has come up with several books filled with Lilium design inspiration. The inspiration proves that the Lilum is perfect for floral weddings, events and interior arrangements in combination with other flowers.

Did the inspiration book catch your interest? Ask your account manager for information, we have a limited stock of books available.

Flower Pitch - OZ Export - Liliumshow Keukenhof - YourLily BookThe first edition of the Lilium Interior book was handed over to the new director of Flower Council Holland, Dennis van der Lubbe.

Interested in more shows at Keukenhof? Check out our visit to the official opening of the Rose show here.



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