Have you heard of the Barcaccia fountain in Rome? Then you probably know that two years ago this fountain was damaged by Dutch hooligans. Although OZ Export has nothing to do with this havoc, we wanted to help with the restoration of the fountain.


There was a fundraiser to sponsor the restoration of this monument. After the collection of money, it turned out that the fountain had been restored by the city of Rome itself. The money, therefore, got another destination. Another fountain in Rome is restored with the donations. This Giardini fountain was seriously damaged due to a fallen pine tree, but is renovated and inaugurated on Friday 14 July 2017.



To celebrate this commissioning, OZ Export and its customer have donated flowers, together with Rose grower Porta Nova from Waddinxveen. The sponsored flowers had the colours of the city, yellow and red. The flowers were placed on the edge of the fountain, and later given to people who contributed to the restoration.

During the festive inauguration, Claudio Parisi Presicce (head of monument care in Rome), Luca Bergamo (Deputy mayor and city council member for Cultural Affairs) and Joost Klarenbeek (second man of the Dutch Embassy) gave speeches about the repairs that were carried out. They expressed their gratitude to everyone who made this project a success.

With donating the flowers, OZ Export wants to emphasise the long-term and stable cooperation between Dutch and Italian companies. The flowers are a fun and creative way to bring Italy and the Netherlands closer together.


We would like to thank everyone who has worked on this project, but in particular:

  • Deij Transport
  • Anna Maria Cerioni (Director of the preservation of monuments)
  • Louis Camps (Director of Koninklijke Woudenberg)
  • Leonardo Delle Chiaie (building supervisor)
  • Angela Mannaerts (President of Salviamo La Barcaccia
  • Ron Waroux (Director of MEESTERS IN, subsidiary company of Koninklijke Woudenberg
  • Conservazione Beni Culturali (CBC), which has worked together with Koninklijke Woudenberg
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