On Friday 9 January J.W. Reus presented their Flower Pitch for an interested OZ Export sales staff.

Sander and Peter Reus brought several of their best varieties to be shown in our office, like the single Tulips Caramba, Antarctica, Flaming Prince, Ronaldo Unique, double varieties Melrose and Blue Diamond, Super Parrot, the crispa Cuban Night and triumph Tulip White Liberstar.


Although the promotion assortment is superb there is one absolute wannahave in their midst: Ronaldo Unique. This is the improved version of the already existing Tulip Ronaldo. Ronaldo Unique is special, because the leaves are much better and kind of shiny. OZ Export is proud to offer you this truly unique flower exclusively and directly from the grower for the next period. Ask for it with your vendor!


Sander Reus explained about the quality difference in tulips offered at the clocks and in the market that people often do not know. A Tulip grower can produce his flowers in full ground or in water water. Most growers would agree that full ground Tulips are bigger, stronger and have a better vase life. Therefore, Tulips from the full ground have added value for any flower wholesaler, although you may not even realize this.

If you want to know more about this subject please contact your vendor at OZ Export, who can inform you about what are full ground and what are water Tulips.

flower export
The Flower Pitch corner showing J.W. Reus' produce | Sander Reus convinces OZ Export of his growing skills


Flower Pitch is a new concept invented by OZ Export. Our aim is to give growers an opportunity to show their products before our entire sales department. During a brief presentation (a 'pitch') a grower explains what is unique about his products and why we should buy more of it. Together with our flower buyer, who is his daily contact, we put his the grower’s products in the spotlight for the coming weeks with an interesting promotion for our customers. It’s a win-win.

Are you a top grower who wants more attention for your products? Contact your buyer at OZ Export and find out how to participate in our Flower Pitch.

flower export
Sander Reus speaking passionately about his Tulips

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