Dream away of a Mediterranean summery day with these romantic flowers! The origin of the dreamy Dianthus, also known as Carnation, comes from the Mediterranean region where they used to make the nicest eau de toilette using these flowers. That’s because some of the flowers have a sweet delicate fragrance.

To discover all the varieties we placed many distinctive varieties in our Flower Pitch by Divine Flowers.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Dianthus - Carnation - Flower Pitch - Dianthus Hypnosis

Our Flower Pitch filled by Divine Flowers and our Dianthus purchasing specialist Rene holding one of his preferred variety: Dianthus Hypnosis. 



The history of the Dianthus goes way back. The Romans used these special flowers for their wreaths and the flowers were popular for using them to make favourable fragrances. Besides the pleasant odor, the flower also has a religious story to tell. The Dianthus is often seen in paintings with different meanings, for example it symbolizes the suffering of Jesus Christ and it was a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Last but not least, the name of these heavenly flowers derives from two Latin words. The first word Dios, meaning God and the second word Anthos with the definition flower. In other words, the Dianthus is God’s flower or a divine flower.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Dianthus - Carnation - Spray Dianthus



As mentioned above, the origin of the name Dianthus has a divine background. This was the reason for them to name their company Divine Flowers. Originally, divine flowers existed of two separate companies. Since 2017 the two carnation growers combined forces and started selling their flowers under the brand name ‘Divine Flowers’.

Divine Flowers has a broad assortment of carnations. Due to dividing the cultivars between two companies, they can deliver many different varieties. As a result, the company is known for their many different exclusive and rare varieties. They offer both single and spray varieties.

Another unique selling point of Divine Flower is their growing process. They focus on high quality products. A special treatment will give the flowers an extended vase life of five days (compared to other flowers without this treatment). Their Secret? The flowers are placed in water that is enhanced with SilverThioSulfate (STS) for several hours. The STS will make the flowers become insensitive to ethylene. Ethylene is a hormone for which the flowers are very sensitive. This hormone comes off when fruits are ripening. To ensure further quality, they have a strict selection policy on quality.



OZ Export - Flower Export - Dianthus - Flower Pitch - Overview

The Dianthus from left to right: 1 Malibu, 2 Lege, 3 Solomio Imre, 4 Everest, 5 Solomio Tino, 6 Star Fire, 7 Solomio Gio, 8 Dafne, 9 Raffine Elea,10 Alessandria, 11 Tropic Butterfly Eolo, 12 Nowo, 13 Seychelles, 14 Knight, 15 Lege Morrone and 16 Hypnosis.



With a broad assortment of Dianthus, you can go all out. There we have listed some ideas for what you can do with your Dianthus below:


The Dianthus can be perfectly used in a bouquet. Use softer toned varieties with some eye-popping yellow and purple flowers. This is the perfect mix for a young and modern look.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Dianthus - Carnation - Dianthus Everest - Carnation Inspiration

The white Dianthus Everest is nice to combine with colourful flowers.


All you need are fiery Dianthus flowers like the Star Fire. Pick your favourite pink spray Roses and top it off with June’s Flower of the Month, the Paeonia.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Dianthus - Carnation - Dianthus Star Fire

Red and pink flowers are a prominent eye catcher, like the Dianthus Star Fire by Divine Flowers.


Some Dianthus flowers are so impressive that you don’t need to use anything else. Varieties like Raffine Elea have a unique display of colours and petal shapes. Each flower of the bunch has her own unique pattern.

OZ Export - Flower Export - Dianthus - Carnation - Dianthus Raffine Elea - Dianthus Lege Marronne

Spray Dianthus Raffine Elea and Dianthus Lege.


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