This week we went on an Egg & Trend Hunt. We have visited several decoration suppliers and asked them to show us their best Easter decorations assortment. As you know a florist has to be all-round and creative to stand out from the crowd. The lines between decorations and flowers blur and the consumer expects more nowadays. At OZ Export we would like to help you incorporate the latest trends into your new collection.


If you love colours this is your trend! Use the pastel variation of pink, orange, yellow, blue and purple for a colourful Easter arrangement. The soft colours are dreamy and create a sweet Easter feeling. Combine these colours with white or light coloured spring flowers like: Hyacinths, Tulips, Lathyrus or Freesias.

News Item - Easster Trends - Goedegebuure- OZ Flower Export 01

Stick Easter Egg Party in the pastel colours purple, pink, orange and blue by Goedegebuure Natural Decorations.

This week the first Marshmallow Roses by VIP Roses arrived at OZ Export. The Roses are dipped into a pastel coloured marshmallow dip. They are perfect for your pastel spring bouquet!

News Item - Easster Trends - OZ Flower Export

Rosa gr. Marshmallow mix by VIP Roses


At Goedegebuure we found the most traditional painted eggs! Vintage is hot and happening and so are these eggs! The painted-on Easter bunnies have a traditional style. It really brings you back to the old days.

News Item - Easster Trends - Goedegebuure- OZ Flower Export

Egg Design Rabbits or Egg Design Flowers in a box by Goedegebuure Natural Decorations.


More is More is one of the trends for 2016 by the Flower Council and it is perfect for Easter! Combine colours as much as you like. The products that fit this trend perfectly are the Easter Roses by VIP Roses. Roses with wax, sprinkles and chickens! Yes these Roses have it all! VIP Roses only uses high quality Roses. This way you can enjoy your Easter Roses even longer!

News Item - Easter Trends - VIP ROSES - OZ Flower Export

Rosa gr. Easter Chicken and Rosa gr. Easter Chicken disco inspirations by OZ Export.

Another way to indulge your bouquet in Easter decorations is the easy-to-use decorative sticks. What is Easter without eggs and chickens? These little chickens are so cute! Just look at them! The feathers really make it fun and festive.

News Item - Easster Trends - Goedegebuure- OZ Flower Export

Stick Chicken In Egg Yellow/White, Stick Nest Salim + Eggs White, Stick Easter Feather + 2 Chickens by Goedegebuure Natural Decorations.

News Item - Easter Trends - Goedegebuure- OZ Flower Export

Stick Egg Butterfly Yellow by Goedegebuure. Walter Goedegebuure showing the decorative sticks for Easter. Stick Egg Bunny Face Yellow by Goedegebuure.

Please take a look in our OZ webshop, go to our Deco Easter list or go to Grower Direct for the whole assortment by Goedegebuure. If you need any help or more personal advice please do not hesitate to call us!


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