This week we have a sparkling flower in our Flower Pitch, the Allium! This spectacular flower globe is part of the onion family and has many tiny flowers in the finest colours. But no worries, you will only notice this flower is part of the onion family when damaging the stem; then you can smell the typical onion scent.

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An overview of our Flower Pitch Corner and our Allium purchasing specialist Gersom holding his favourite: Giganteum.



The Allium has a very broad symbolism, each nation or era has it’s own.

  • Back in the Roman times they used the scented varieties to keep bad luck, sickness and witches away.
  • Also the Germans had their own symbolism for this flower. In particular the Allium Victorialis that was called ‘Allermannsharnisch’, which refers to a man’s armour. This particular variety represented invulnerability and victory.
  • The Egyptians on the other hand, used the Allium as a symbol for eternity and placed the flowers on graves.

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Fifty shades of purple! The Allium is available in many different shades of purple, but also in the colours white and yellow.



The Allium is a flower available in many varieties. Some varieties are somewhat modest, whilst others make a bold statement in your vase. There are over 300 varieties ranging from short to tall. Some varieties can reach a height of 1.5 meters!

The Allium also has a broad colour palette. She is available in bright summery colours like yellow, green or softer purple tones. Perhaps, the more mystic dark aubergine colours are your favourite. And… don’t forget the fresh white flowers, they brighten up every bouquet!

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The Allium varieties as numbered: 1 Ambassador, 2 Gladiator, 3 White Giant, 4 Forelock, 5 Pink Picture, 6 Red Mohican, 7 Seedpod, 8 Globemaster, 9 Party Mix, 10 Jeannine, 11 Twinkling Stars, 12 Kenton, 13 Purple Sensation, 14 Schubert, 15 Hair, 16 Nectaroscordum SP, 17 Ophioscorodon, 18 Ampeloprasum, 19 Giganteum and 20 Atropurpureum.

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This Summer flower is perfect to dream away with during a midsummer night. With the countless small flowers it flirts with the sunset and a little bit with you. To give you some ideas of what you can do, we came up with three floral designs:

Floral design #1 – Summer Sensation

As mentioned above there are many Allium varieties. For the large Alliums among us, a larger vase with some smaller colourful flowers is a nice combination.

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Floral design #2 – Cosy Summer night

When the night falls and temperatures drop, you can create a cosy summer night outside by getting some blankets and drink some tea. Excellent for this occasion are small vases with flowers on various heights.

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Floral design #3 – Ultra Violet radiant vibe

During sunset many colours appear in the sky and as the night falls, purple shades appear. The Pantone colour of the year, Ultra Violet, fits in perfectly with this radiant vibe. You only need a few stems of the large Allium Globemaster and a lantern to recreate that luminous vibe.
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Ready to get started with Alliums? Check out our webshop or app to see which varieties are available!

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