In 1525, Francisco Hernández, physician of King Philip II, visited Mexico. There, he wrote the earliest description known about a “water pipe flower” that was used by the Aztecs. He gave the flower the name Acocotli and Cocoxochitl. Today we know the flower as Dahlia, named after Anders Dahl, a Swedish botanist.

The Dahlia is available in ridiculously big amount of different shapes, sizes and colours. Plain, with stripes, dots, two-coloured, multi-coloured, there is nothing to crazy. That’s why you can mix different Dahlias together and have the most beautiful and colourful bouquets.


Photo credits: Sarah Raven and Flower Council Holland

Symbolic definition of the Dahlia

If you give Dahlias to someone else, it expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is also a symbol of commitment. A bond that last forever and ‘forever thine’ (that’s old English for: 'Forever yours'). What better way to show your affections than with this powerful message love?

Did you know..

  • That in 1963, the Dahlia was declared the national flower of Mexico?
  • Aztecs grew Dahlias as a food crop? Introductions of the Dahlia as a food crop in Europe failed.
  • Aztecs used Dahlias as well to treat epilepsy.
  • In 1913, the Dahlia became the official flower of The City of Flowers, Seattle.



Photo credits: Flower Council Holland, Fleuropean and Tumblr.

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