Alstroemeria Charmelia White

She’s here! More than one year after the introduction of the successful pink spray Alstroemeria Charmelia Bridesmaid we now proudly present her sister Charmelia White. She is truly lovely, fit for any imaginable floral work of art.

The presentation is in full style, with a classy white and blueish sleeve and cardboard collar. This will make Charmelia White the next big eyecatcher in your warehouse or flower shop.


Recently, New York florist Dean W. Knight said it well, when he called the multiple award winning (2014 Dutch Flower Award, 2015 FloraHolland Glass Tulip) Charmelia Bridesmaid „an amazing flower to take your breath away.”
„Recently, my wholesaler gave me a sample of a new variety of Alstroemeria to try called ‘Charmelia‘. It took everyone here at Knight’s breath away. Here are some of fantastic characteristics of this amazing flower:
– Bloom count: unlike all other Alstroemeria that have 4-6 blooms per stem, Charmelia has 20 or more blooms per stem!
– Vase life: while many Alstroemeria have a vase life of over two weeks, Charmelia lasts over 3 weeks.
– Color: a gorgeous blush pink that keeps its color for weeks without fading
– Bloom structure: trails up the break like freesia and unlike other alstroemeria all the blooms stay on the stem and don’t fall off after they die
– Weddings: perfect for wedding bouquets and blush pink and green color of the blooms will compliment many color palette.”

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Alstroemeria Charmelia White
The growers of Together2Grow: Fedor van Veen and Bernard Zuidgeest

Well, now we present the next in the line of Charmelias. Charmelia White has all great features of her pink sister, but is pure white as snow. The strong stems and lush bright green leaves run just a little into the flower petals, like they want to grow even further towards the light (see detailed image above).


OZ Export offers the all new Alstroemeria Spray Charmelia White in all sizes, hence 60, 70 and 80 cms. The 70 and 80 cm stems are supplied with stylish and protective cardboard collars around the bucket. Please check the OZ Export webshop or (pre) order your Charmelias with your vendor.

Alstroemeria Charmelia White

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