Dutch Lily Days

This year Dutch Lily Days celebrated its five year anniversary. The original idea behind it all was simple: Would it not be more logical if everyone held their open days in the same week and visitors could more easily view all of the latest developments in the lily sector? That is how traditions start.

On four consecutive days the finest of the Dutch lily cultivation can be admired. Sixteen companies form the permanent core of participants in the Dutch Lily Days. Colleagues from the Netherlands and abroad are attending lily shows all over the Netherlands. That makes the Dutch Lily Days a very special initiative. One that continues to expand each year.

Our lily buyer Gersom Wegman took off on a journey to see as much as possible during these four days. He came back with enthusiastic reports about new varieties, especially about the Roselily. Here are the highlights.


Moerman is the pioneer in double lilies. He is growing several varieties that come from breeder Van den Bos. The trade name for these special flowers is Roselily. Numbers are gradually increasing, so availability is improving. Also the number of flowers per stem is increasing. We are already counting five flowers per stem!

Dutch Lily Days
From left to right: Roselily Aisha | Roselily Samantha


For many years already the breeders of Vletter have spoiled us (and you!) with all kinds of novelties. Due to a strong relationship OZ Export gets already weekly and exclusively small portions of these specialties. We consider Vletter the undisputed market leader in breeding lilies. His greenhouse is full of numbered novelties. Some that have a name already and will be available for the market soon.

Piceno - Praiano
From left to right: Lily or. Piceno | Lily or. Praiano

Dutch Lily Days
From left to right: Lily or. Companion | Lily or. Emani

Dutch Lily Days
From left to right: Lily ot. Guardia | Lily ot. Marengo

Dutch Lily Days
From left to right: Lily ot. Alamosa | Lily la. Saltino


Royal van Zanten has been really busy breeding new lilies. Therefore, we expect to see a lot of their varieties on the market in the near future.

Vestaro - Kingsville
From left to right: Lily or. Vestaro | Lily  la. Kingsville

Meriva - Pangea
From left to right: Lily or. Meriva | Lily longi or. Pangea

Dutch Lily Days
From left to right: Lily ot. Berlingo | Lily ot. Mateo

Largo - Viviana
From left to right: Lily or. Largo | Lily ot. Viviana


Marklily is a breeder whose lilies are grown for the market by Paauw Lilies and Double Ckeck Lilies. For next year we already look forward to Galapagos and King’s Cross.

Dutch Lily Days
From left to right: Lily or. Galapagos | Lily or. Sotsji

King's Cross - Think Pink
From left to right: Lily ot. King’s Cross | Lily ot. Think Pink

All these totally new varieties will be available at OZ Export. Check with your vendor for availability of the above lilies you like. We will be happy to inform you which variety is due when.

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