IPM Essen has announced the winners of this year’s Novelty Awards. Spray Alstroemeria Paradiso is rewarded as the best Flower Novelty of 2015.

Grower Together2Grow is loaded with awards these days. After winning the prestigious Dutch Flower Award (November 2014) and the FloraHolland Glass Tulip Award (January 2015) for their Spray Alstroemeria Charmelia Bridesmaid this top grower collects yet another award: IPM Neuheit 2015.

Alstroemeria Paradiso is a unique white Spray Alstroemeria. The stems each hold more than twenty flowers, whereas a regular Alstroemeria holds no more than five or six flowers. Next to this the vase life of Paradiso is stretched and the attention value improved, because the flowers are harvested in a slightly more open stage than regular Alstros. That is why Paradiso is a guaranteed hit in your flower arrangements and bouquets. Just one stem of Paradiso is already a great filler. That is the big added value of the flower. We presume that the jury at IPM Essen also noticed these features.

Alstroemeria Paradiso

Paradiso is developed by breeder Könst Alstroemeria, grown by Together2Grow and exclusively distributed by OZ Export. Ask your vendor or check our webshop at

Alstroemeria Paradiso

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