Family company Paeon grows peonies with love, passion and expertise. They pay attention to every little detail. This way they deliver the maximum quality. It is truly a family business. The knowledge is passed on through several generations. At this moment three generations, grandfather, father and son work together in the nursery. A lot of work is still done by hand which makes it a true craft!

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Father and son working together to cut all the Peonies.


Sustainability is important to Paeon, especially when you talk about the treatment of their staff. Every year the same people come back to work again at the Paeon nursery. They provide good working conditions and a fair payment. For example, they help with housing near the nursery and ensure that they can carry out their work in a healthy and safe environment. As they say: “the people make the company”.

In addition to excellent human resources they think about the environmental issues. They separate trash, and were they can they use natural and organic ways to fight pests and diseases. A healthy and sustainable way of growing Peonies is confirmed by their MPS certification. Paeon is still trying to implement sustainable improvements to the nursery.

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Fields filled with Peonies!


Please visit our webshop to see and buy the breathtaking Peonies by My Peony growers. In week 24, 25, 26 and 27 we have a really good promotional offer with top quality Sarah Bernhardts by Peaon (My Peony). Go to our webshop for the prices or ask your personal vendor for more information about this amazing offer!

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