This is the wedding season. This is My Wedding.

This week we had a good catch: the double oriental Lily My Wedding. We have put one bunch in a vase in our office for testing. It is difficult not so be in love with this Lily. What nice and strong blooming flowers on each stem! All flowers are open now. My Wedding will make everyone happy, including the couples to be married.

Product - Lilium Du. My Wedding 01

My Wedding is grown by Floriënt, the quality brand that is designed by the Van der Marel family. Their aim is to convert the top segment of oriental Lilies into a recognizable name. With greenhouses close to al big actions and to OZ Export Floriënt cultivates big head orientals on a total of 50,000 sqm.

Tim van der Marel
Grower Tim van der Marel in his new greenhouse near Aalsmeer.

For OZ Export and its customers Floriënt has always been a source of inspiration, constantly bringing something new and innovative into our webshop. These are flowers that our Lily buyer Marcel Govaars gets enthusiastic about. With great flowers and great quality we truly endorse the Floriënt brand.


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