Statice in box

The Statice Specialist now offers also their produce in ready boxes. Easy on transport and effective on volume.

In 2014 the well-known nursery R & S van Paasen changed their name into The Statice Specialist. Growers Roland and Stefan van Paasen are still the driving force behind this successful company. Since 1998 they have been providing the market with constant top quality flowers. In the past few years we have regularly informed you about this special species of the Limonium family. Statice is a great bouquet filler with its many crispy petals.

The Statice Specialist has recently started offering their flowers in boxes too. Below you see a few examples of single coloured varieties, but a mix is also available. We use the standard auction box V519 (also known as Chrysant box), but we can easily re-pack this to one-way P-boxes. This would save you on return transport.

Statice in box
Statice in P-boxes by OZ Export. From left to right: Statice White Starlight Wings | Statice Donau Birds | Statice Rainbow Mix

Statice in box
Statice in V519 boxes. From left to right: Statice White Starlight Wings | Statice Yellow Sun Birds | Rosa Sun Birds

Statice in box
Statice in V519 boxes. From left to right: Statice Donau Birds | Statice Navy Sun Birds | Statice Crystal Dark Blue

Please check our webshop of ask your vendor at OZ Export for the colours we offer and your packing possibilities.

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