Every second from the instant they met led to this. Every wonderful memory. Every little gesture. Every ‘I love you’. She said ‘YES’! Marriage, celebrate it with Spring flowers, such as Ranunculus and Anemone.

Spring flowers are the definition of gentleness and are able to create a fairy tale for any type of the wedding you want to have. They would give it a fresh look, especially if combined with greenery – as if you were in a beautiful garden or in a forest field on a warm and sunny spring day. The flowers come in various colours, ranging from the pastel tones to bright cherry or sky blue. Naturally, they also come in the trendy Living Coral – Pantone colour of the year 2019.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Ranunculus - Living Coral - Clooney Fragolino

Living Coral Ranunculus ‘Clooney Fragolino’




Back in the Victorian times, giving Ranunculus to someone equalled to saying ‘I feel you have many charms’ – isn’t that charming? Especially for such a day as a wedding day? Perhaps, the lucky woman catching the bridal bouquet will, indeed, get another ‘charm’ in a shape of a ring.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Ranunculus - Clooney - Hanoi

Ranunculus Clooney

The Italian producer Piazza dei Fiori is well known for their Ranunculus Clooney varieties! Clooney’s have bigger flowers than the other Ranunculus species. Particularly Hanoi is a real wedding favourite.

White, cream and milky colours would easily help to create the traditional mood at the wedding. Coral would perfectly suit a modern vibe, while Ranunculus of a deep dark purple or burgundy colour would be an ideal solution for an alternative style.





Ranunculus Butterfly

Particularly beautiful is the Butterfly variety of Ranunculus. Using this specie in a bouquet will make it even more magical (yes, yes – magical), as this flower tends to change its colour!

However, unlike a chameleon, it does not adapt to the colours around it – yet, it does change its shades from darker to lighter and has a fascinating pearly shine when exposed to the sun. Enchanting.



Same as Ranunculus, Anemone also has a very lovable meaning. It means ‘I would like to be with you’. Isn’t this romantic? Perhaps, a ring should directly come with Anemones to fully express the feelings attached to it?


OZ Export - Flower Export - Anemone - Mistral Plus Celeste

Anemone Mistral Plus Celeste

The Mistral variety of the Anemone has the biggest flowers of the whole Anemone assortment! The flowers open up their petals very nicely, making it very simple to make a stunning bouquet using not that many flowers.

Take, for instance, Mistral Plus Celeste – the charming blue-ish and somewhat purple shades, slightly differing per flower. Mixing them with white flowers would give the bouquet a soft touch, still letting it remain bright and colourful.




OZ Export - Flower Export - Anemone - Mistral Pus Light Pink


Anemone Mistral Plus Light Pink 

The light pink shades actually look very elegant with some flowers being lighter and slowly blending into cream hue. It reminds a little bit of a cone with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, which melts together in the sun, creating a fusion of colours and flavours. Very appealing.





This simple combination of white flowers overflows with elegace and adds the fairy tale-like element to the whole atmosphere. It is so bright and alluring, representing awakening, just like the Spring itself.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Bridal Bouquet - Rock & Flowers

Astonishing bridal boquet by Rock & Flowers.



Botanic weddings are going strong and will be trending this season as well. Opt for a natural shape in your bouquet, just let the flowers flow. The romantic dark Ranunculus Clooney Sangria gives the whole a dynamic exterior.

Brown (coloured) flowers in general are a big trend on Instagram right now and are capable of giving your designs a trully unique appearance. In our previous blog, we introduced you to the Brownies by VIP Roses, click here if you missed it!


OZ Export - Flower Export - Bridal Bouquet - Wedding

Bouquet by Anna Smolinska-Wieczorkiewicz and the beautiful model – Katarzyna Greta Szymkowiak. Photo by Marcin Chruściel Fotografia. 



The botanic and vintage elements are perfect when it comes to the wedding decorations in general – it does not only apply to the bridal bouquet. Be it included into the table arrangements or into little (or big!) eye-catchers across the hall. The beautiful Anemone look very authentic and create a true nature look when combined with greenery, even despite the fact they are located inside the building. You can also experiment by placing some of the decorations outside – this will certainly draw people’s attention.


OZ Export - Flower Export - Flower Arrangements - Wedding Arrangements - Anemone - Kwiaty&Mint

Beautiful Anemone arrangements by Kwiaty&Miut.



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