OZ Pure - Biobloemen

OZ Pure is the latest addition to the OZ Export home brands. This new product line consists of organically grown flowers.

There is a large demand for more ecologically produced products, like food. Also the awareness grows for environmentally friendly produced non-food products, like wood, clothes and… flowers!

This summer OZ Export started offering organic flowers under the trade name “OZ Pure”. This project was initiated in close cooperation with multi-organic grower Jan Knook and the flower artists of Biobouquet. Both companies are fully certified (registration: NL-BIO-01 | Skal 024748), so you are 100 percent sure to buy a real organic bouquet.


OZ Pure - Biobloemen
Jan Knook in action

Jan Knook produces organic outdoor flowers. He is also chairman of Bioflora, an organization responsible for the promotion of organic floriculture. The market place proves no easy task given what John is not keep to continue to expand its network and other growers to involve organic flowers culture.

Organic flowers can only be called “organic” when they are are certified according to EU directives for biological cultivation. Jan Knook only grows true certified organic flowers: “It sometimes creates the misconception that growers who use organic pesticides (e.g. using their natural enemies) also produce organic flowers. While this with the rest of the culture process is not the case at all. It is sometimes haphazardly thrown by the term ‘bio’ without it being justified.”


OZ Pure - Biobloemen
Just a few examples of our organic bouquets

Just like with most organic products also flowers are not always year round available. There are seasonal restrictions that surely help create the charm of this product group. Every season is truly different! Jan Knook says: “I have about forty varieties of summer flowers. My assortment includes Peonies, Campanulas, Alchemilla, Hypericum, Helianthus (Sunflower), Aster, Symphoricarpos (Snowberry), Lysemachia, Nigella and many more.” With this broad assortment OZ Export has found the perfect partner in the bouquet makers of Biobouquet. They assemble the prettiest ready bouquets, both mono and mixed.

If you are interested to do the world a favour and buy organic bouquets then do not hesitate to ask your vendor at OZ Export.

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