Last week we visited the Amsterdam Dam Square for the National Tulip Day. The whole square was filled with a sea full of Tulips! Every year Tulip Time organises an event to kick off the Tulip season. Multiple growers placed over 200.000 Tulips in a flower artwork with a theme ‘Flower Power’. Lucky us! We were allowed to walk through the field of Tulips and take pictures before all visitors were allowed in.

OZ Export - Flower Export - National Tulip Day - Orange Tulip - Dam Square

The first photo is showing the beautiful Dam Square full of Tulips, while the second one demonstrates one of the species.


Quinty Trustfull, a real flower lover, officially opened the event by baptising her own Tulip: Tulipa Quinty Trustfull. This variety is the only pink double flowered Tulip in the world.
Together with her daughter Moise, she kicked off the Tulip season by baptising this flower with Champagne. The intense pink colour and multiple petals are really something special.

To top it off, a band was there to celebrate the season with typical Dutch music: they played the song ‘Tulips from Amsterdam’.

OZ Export - FlowerExport - National Tulip Day - Quinty Trustfull - Baptising Tulips - Dam Square

While Quinty was baptising her Tulips, her daughter was right there with her.


During the National Tulip Day there was a Tulip Queen welcoming everybody at the event. Fun fact: the Tulip Queen was one of the growers daughters!

OZ Export - Flower Export - National Tulip Day - Tulip Queen - Tulips - Dam Square

Flora looked stunning – like a real Queen among these Tulips.

Also, famous Instagrammers were present during the event. Take, for example, FAM Flower Farm – both ladies married a Tulip grower, so, of course, they couldn’t miss out on this event.

Also instafamous Asya was there to take many pictures in between the Tulips for her Instagram account.

OZ Export - Flower Export - National Tulip Day - Influencer - Tulips - FAM Flower Farm

On the left you can see Asya. The second picture captures the FAM Flower Farm, and the last one – the volunteers of the National Tulip Day.

Want to find more pictures of the event? Check out Instagram by using the official hashtag: #tuliptime.


To celebrate the season, every visitor was allowed to pick a bunch of Tulips from the fields. Every handpicked bouquet consisted of 20 Tulips – more than enough to brighten up your home!

`OZ Export - Flower Export - National Tulip Day - Orange Tulip - Dam Square - Tulip Bag - Tulip

This is one of our Marketeers – Mitta – picking out her favourite orange Tulips!


  • Find a clean vase and make sure it is tall enough: tulips can grow by a few centimetres.
  • Keep the flowers out of sunlight and away from a fruit bowl.
  • Tulips are very thirsty, so fill up the vase regularly.


Inspired by all these Tulips? Check out our webshop or app to create your own arrangement. To know more about Tulips, check our blog about floral trend mood board.

OZ Export - Flower Export - National Tulip Day - Fireworks - Quinty Trustfull - Tulip - Tulip Baptising

Hereby, beautiful ending to the ceremony – fireworks looked breathtaking on the Tulip background.


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