This week we had Helianthus in our flower pitch corner. We were very excited for all the different sorts we tested. The queen of summer flowers sure did not disappoint with her bright yellow petals. The sunflowers we had in our flower pitch corner were:

  • Vincent’s Fresh
    Vincent’s Fresh has a crisp, green center which is a clear alternative to current selections. Pollen-free!
  • Vincent’s Choice
    Vincent’s Choice features the well-loved combination of a brown center and deep orange petals. Pollen-free! 
  • Teddy Bear
    Teddy Bear has broadly ovate leaves and rounded, fully-double bright yellow flower heads.
  • Sun King
    Sun King Sunflowers make no pollen that produce seeds, which attract birds and increase the weight of the flower head at harvest time. Makes an excellent cut flower. To improve the performance in a vase, add a small amount of sugar to water.


  • Floristan
    Floristan is an unique Helianthus with a very recognisable brown-red edge.
  • Jua Inca
    Jua Inca had mahogany and gold bi-colour petals with dark centre.
  • Orange Large
    Orange Large is a classic yellow-orange Sunflower. She is very strong and has beautiful leaves.
  • Sonja
    Sonja Sunflowers are a bit smaller but they are well filled with side branches and produce a fine yield of strong-stemmed, dark-centered blooms of a lovely tangerine-gold-orange colour quite distinct from the yellows of other Sunflowers.
  • Sunrich Provence
    Bright Yellow with a beautiful black heart.

We especially love the Sun King and Sonja. They are just a bit different, perfect for those who like sunflowers, but want to have a little extra!


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