Growing the best Summerflowers means doing all that is necessary to get the best product. There should be no need for discussion about quality, because the quality must be perfect. Always. Those are the words of our Flower Pitch guest Peter Baars.

On Thursday 4 June Peter Baars visited OZ Export, together with two of his products that are currently ready for harvesting and a with bunch of inspiring stories for our sales staff. In the nineties of the last century Baars was an ice skating champion, especially when it came to outdoor speed skating marathons. No doubt that his top sports mentality has helped him on his way to be a top grower.

Peter Baars
Peter Baars pitching in the big OZ Export meeting room

Peter Baars cultivates five different varieties of Summerflowers: Achemilla, Bupleurum, Campanula, Carthamus and Sedum. During the Summer season these products are gradually available. For now we are able to offer good quantities and quality of Alchemilla and Campanula. That is why OZ Export has a special Flower Pitch offer for these two products from Friday 5 until Friday 12 June.


Peter Baars explains to the OZ Export crowd how he maintains his high quality level. This is not easy, because all of his Summerflowers are cultivated outdoors, instead of in a climate controlled greenhouse. The trick is to cut the flowers in one haul when at the right maturity stage. This excludes quality exceptions. Not too ripe, not too raw, just the right stage.

Peter Baars
Summerflowers as outdoor products are a big challenge for growers. Weather is an important factor.

Try our special offer for Campanula Glomerata Anouska and Alchemilla Robustica by Peter Baars. You will be convinced! Check our webshop or ask your vendor at OZ Export for these top deals.

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