The long wait for original Dutch Peonies is over. They are finally here!

On this week’s sunny Wednesday afternoon the OZ Export sales staff went north to visit one of the biggest Dutch Peony growers Paeon BV. Despite the fact that the high season had just started we were received with open arms. After all, this is a very good time to experience the thrill of enormous fields full of flowers.

A field full of Paonia The Fawn

Grower Paeon BV is member of the representation board My-Peony, who were already at OZ Export on 21 May last for a very successful Flower Pitch. Now we were invited at one of their farms.


After a brief explanation about the company by Marty Star of My-Peony we took off to see the vast fields Peonies. Paeon BV’s owner Jacob Karsten has 23 hectares here in Benningbroek, in the north-west part of the Netherlands. He grows a dozen varieties, like Red Charm, Sarah Bernhardt, Red Sarah Bernhardt and The Fawn. We were truly impressed by the endless fields of flowers. This year between six and eight million Peonies are expected to be harvested. Very impressive!

Harvesting at the right maturity stage

The most important thing to know for our customers is, of course, the quality issue. Six million Peonies are worth nothing when they are not cut at the right stage and do not bloom afterwards. Paeon BV has build their experience since 1988 are and are able to guarantee top quality for every single flower. Many of the workers in the field have over five years of working experience, so they know exactly which stage is perfect for cutting.

Jacob’s wife Jolanda Karsten explained all about the process of harvesting and processing Peonies. Not all flowers are distributed after harvesting. Most are stocked in a cold storage at 0,5 degrees Celsius to mature very slowly and be ready for sales.

Unimaginable amounts of Dutch Peonies are almost ready for distribution to you

Due to a cold winter season the Peonies are a two weeks late this year. This means we expect the best Dutch Peonies to be available until early August. All Dutch varieties from Jacob Karsten’s Paeon BV and other My-Peony related growers are fully available at OZ Export. Check our webshop or ask your vendor for the original Dutch Peonies.

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