Bright colours, such as pink and red, took over our Flower Pitch this week! The Anemone is available in many varieties. We selected the best varieties all the way from Italy by supplier Piazza Dei Fiori to fill our pitch corner this week.

The Anemone was born in Southern Europe and Asia. There are a number of stories about the establishment of the name of the Anemone. One theory is that the name Anemone has been taken from the Greek word ‘anemos’, meaning wind. The seeds are fluffy and are spread by the wind.

The Anemone is not short of a bit of symbolism either. The flower stands for ‘I would like to be with you’, expectancy, consideration and honesty.

The Anemone is one the three Flowers of the Month during March 2018.



Anemones have large flowers and look like poppies, with their black hearts and strong stems. She has intense coloured petals and in combination with her black heart this is what makes this flower unique and a real beauty.

As mentioned earlier there are many varieties of the Anemone, approximately there are 120 varieties. The varieties differentiate in shapes and sizes; Anemones can have a single row of flower petals and others have more. But they all have a unique black heart!



The colours of the Galil Anemone is what makes it so unique. This type of cut flower is available in the fundamental colours: white, cerise, blue and red. As well as, extraordinary colours for Spring such as pastel tones.

Pastel and Rainbow mix Galil by Piazza Dei Fiori: 1 Anemone Galil White, 2 Anemone Galil Red, 3 Anemone Galil Bicolour Pink, 4 Anemone Galil Black, 5 Anemone Galil Blue and 6 Anemone Galil Cerise.



Shapes and sizes can very a lot with Anemones, take for example the Mistral plus Anemone. These super flowers are the largest within the Anemone family. When these massive petals fully open up the flower can become as big as the palm of your hands. So, you don’t need a lot of flowers to make a great bouquet!

Mix Mistral Plus by Piazza Dei Fiori: 1 Anemone Mistral Plus Pink, 2 Anemone Mistral Plus Red, 3 Anemone Mistral Plus White, 4 Anemone Mistral Plus Cerise, 5 Anemone Mistral Plus Purple and 6 Anemone Mistral Plus White.



How to create a long lasting floral arrangement for your shop, or on a Easter table. You only need to follow a few simple steps and it will take just a few minutes.

What do you need?

  • One or two flowers, for example Anemones or a Chrysanthemum
  • Moss
  • One big Egg with a hole for the flowers, we used the ‘Egg Ostrich Natural’ by Goedegebuure Natural Decoration from our webshop. Make sure you rinse the egg, and use fresh water every time you replace the flowers.
  • Small Easter eggs, like these ‘Egg Quail Box (60pcs)/Outerbox’ also by our supplier Goedegebuure Natural Decorations.
  • Succulent plants
  • A bowl or a plate, we used a grey round plate
  • To make sure you can enjoy your arrangement for a longer period, please use flower food. If you add Chrysal to the water in your little egg-vase you can easily enjoy your flowers to the fullest.




Did the Anemones stole your heart?! It definitely stole ours. Get started with your own floral arrangements and bouquets and check out the AX-Offers list in our webshop or app for special offers. Or check out the current stock in the regular inventory lists. Here you can pick and order your favourite Anemone cut flowers and all other products you will need to let your, or your customers, floral creativity run free.

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