The Carnation [botanical name: Dianthus] offers many surprising possibilities when it comes to styling. You can create a stark, basic look by displaying Carnations with the same shape and hue in a terracotta vase, for example.

Flower Export by OZ Export - Dianthus - Carnation - Anjer 01

Photography credits: Flower Council Holland

The photograph shows a fantastic combination of Carnations with Tulips, Roses, Ranunculus, Fritillaria and Chaenomeles. The tied bouquet is made up of various types of Carnation, Tulip, and Limonium and a few branches of Prunus Glandulosa Alba. The look is given a special accent through the use of green grasses and the fine herbaceous Eucalyptus.

A Carnation for every occasion

Passion, longing and capriciousness: that is what the Carnation symbolises. Just like Roses the various colours of Carnation also have their own unique meaning:
• Pale red: admiration
• Dark red: love, affection and longing for someone
• White: dedication, dignity, pure love and happiness
• Pink: “I will never forget you”
• Purple: capriciousness, whimsical
• Yellow: rejection, disdain and disappointment
• White and red striped: refusal


We have a wide assortment with Carnations for you to choose from. We sell Dutch grown Carnations. We also import from the countries: Italy, Spain, Ethiopia, Kenya, Columbia, Turkey and Portugal. In Holland we buy at the clocks at Royal FloraHolland and directly at selected growers. Dutch Carnations are available from April till October/November. We select and buy the flowers with care.
Take a look into our webshop for more Carnations or ask your vendor for the newest varieties.

Flower Export by OZ Export - Dianthus - Carnation - Anjer 02

What is your favourite Carnation?

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