Summerflowers - N.J.S. Janson

Our buyer of summerflowers Rene Endhoven is quite busy these weeks and months, because this is the season when it all happens. The flower range he works with is staggering, since there are so many different Dutch flowers that are only available during this time of the year.

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One of his best growers is N.J.S. Janson. Owner Nico Janson has been growing a nice assortment of innovative species for several years now. The majority of this is grown outdoors. We find flowers like Rudbeckia, Mentha, Euphorbia, Stachus and the Phlox Sweet Summer series in his fields. Also Asclepias, the bright orange summerflower, is there. Nico himself has introduced Asclepia Beatrix and Amalia Improved into the market as a breeder. Royal names, turning this flower into the queen of summerflowers.

Product - Asclepias 01
Asclepias Ice Ballet | Asclepias Beatrix | Asclepias Soul Mate

Amongst fellow growers Nico Janson is a well-known colleague as well, always involved in the promotion of summerflowers. The difficulty is to get attention for so many different cut flower varieties that together represent the product group ‘summerflowers’. We at OZ export try to make a contribution by informing you about this flower group of endless possibilities.

Check all our Asclepias varieties in our webshop or ask your vendor at OZ Export.

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